How to allow users to edit their comments in WordPress

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It happens all the time! You just posted a comment in a website, then you discover that there were a spelling or grammar error! This is so annoying I know, But you leave the website knowing that there’s nothing you can do!
What if some of your website visitors went through this experience? Wouldn’t you love to give them the ability to edit their comments? Now you can.
Simple comment Editing is an awesome plugin, that allows your visitors to edit their comments easily.

  1. Download Simple comment Editing and upload it to your plugins folder
  2. Activate the plugin, and that’s it!

Now is testing time. Log out, then submit a comment. You’ll find that there’s a countdown timer that displays the time left to edit your comment as shown in the picture below.

How to allow users to edit their comments in WordPress

By default, the countdown timer is set to 5 minutes, but you can edit that.
In your function.php file paste the following code

add_filter( 'sce_comment_time', 'edit_sce_comment_time' );
function edit_sce_comment_time( $time_in_minutes ) {
    return 10;

In this code above, we have simply increased the time limit set by the plugin to 10 minutes however you can modify it to anything else that you like. Since the purpose is to allow users to fix small grammatical errors or taking back something right away, in our opinion it is best to not to set the limit higher than 30 minutes.

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