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It happens all the time! You just posted a comment in a website, then you discover that there were a spelling or grammar error! This is so annoying I know, But you leave the website knowing that there’s nothing you can do!
What if some of your website visitors went through this experience? Wouldn’t you love to give them the ability to edit their comments? Now you can.
Simple comment Editing is an awesome plugin, that allows your visitors to edit their comments easily.

  1. Download Simple comment Editing and upload it to your plugins folder
  2. Activate the plugin, and that’s it!

Now is testing time. Log out, then submit a comment. You’ll find that there’s a countdown timer that displays the time left to edit your comment as shown in the picture below.

How to allow users to edit their comments in WordPress

By default, the countdown timer is set to 5 minutes, but you can edit that.
In your function.php file paste the following code

add_filter( 'sce_comment_time', 'edit_sce_comment_time' );
function edit_sce_comment_time( $time_in_minutes ) {
    return 10;

In this code above, we have simply increased the time limit set by the plugin to 10 minutes however you can modify it to anything else that you like. Since the purpose is to allow users to fix small grammatical errors or taking back something right away, in our opinion it is best to not to set the limit higher than 30 minutes.

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Well, we all use Akismet, and it is doing a very good job in filtering spam comments, but we spend too much time going through all these spam comments and deleting them!
A client emailed us recently to ask for help about this exact issue. “I am spending, at least, 30 minutes every day emptying my spam folder!” our client said in his email.

What is the best anti-spam plugin?

The best plugin is anti-spam plugin. We have tried tons of plugins, but this was the best. It doesn’t require any work from you, just install and activate and that’s it!

How to activate the plugin?

Download the anti-spam plugin and upload it to your plugins folder, then activate it. And That’s it.

How does anti-spam plugin works?

Two extra hidden fields are added to comments form. First field is the question about the current year. Second field should be empty. If the user visits site, than first field is answered automatically with javascript, second field left blank and both fields are hidden by javascript and css and invisible for the user. If the spammer tries to submit comment form, he will make a mistake with answer on first field or tries to submit an empty field and spam comment will be automatically rejected.

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Have you been receiving tons of spam emails through contact form 7? Well, after you read this, this will not be the case anymore! We are going to use Akismet to filter spam mails.
Note: to apply this method, Akismet should be installed and active.
Into your dashboard, go to Contact, and choose the contact form and add these Akismet-related options in the appropriate field in the form

  • Akismet: author
    Add this option to the field that accepts the name of the sender.
  • akismet:author_email
    Add this option to the field that accepts the email address of the sender.
    Example: [email* your-email akismet:author_email]
  • akismet:author_url
    Add this option to the field that accepts the URL of the sender.

When at least one of those options are set (remember, it’s recommended to set all of the options for accurate judgment), Contact Form 7 will send Akismet all of the sender’s input and the information relating to the submitting activity. Akismet will then judge whether this submission is likely to be spam.

If Akismet judges the submission as spam, Contact Form 7 cancels the sending of mails and shows a message that says, “it failed to send the message.” You’ll see an orange border around the response message when it has been judged as spam.

How to prevent spam in contact form 7 without using captcha

Finally, to make sure it works, you can test it by sending “viagra-test-123″ as name of the sender. This test case will always be judged as spam.

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WordPress 3.5 is around the corner, the beta version is already here. This release will have a lot if visual improvements. In this article we will tell you what’s coming in WordPress 3.8.

New user interface

The first thing you will notice is that everything is darker, flatter and sleeker. I kind of like it! If you don’t like the dark skin, you can easily change it. WordPress 3.8 has 4 different skins to choose from.

New Dashboard

The second thing you will notice is that the dashboard is much Less cluttered. They finally got rid of all those widgets and kept only the necessary ones.

Better theme management

Themes page is much more cleaner now. In previous versions we had a small screenshot of our themes and some info, texts and links to activate the theme, it’s all gone now. In wordPress 3.8 all that has been replaced with a big screenshot and nothing more! When you hover on a theme, some buttons will appear to activate or to live preview the theme.

Afriendlier and Easier widget area

I love the new widget area. How many times have you dragged a widget from the top of the page, and dropped it in the wrong widget area! I did that so many times! In WPCandle we build tons of widgets in our themes and we wedgetize at least 4 areas, that’s why we love the new widget page. The new widget page will allow user to easily drag the right widget to the right wiedgetized area. Image-widgets

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WordPress Permalinks are the permanent URLs to your individual weblog posts, as well as categories and other lists of weblog postings. A permalink is what another weblogger will use to link to your article (or section), or how you might send a link to your story in an e-mail message. The URL to each post should be permanent, and never change — hence permalink.

This is the default WordPress Permalinks Structure:


Why you shouldn’t use the default WordPress Permalinks?

  • It’s very UGLY!
  • It’s not SEO friendly.